What can you expect?

We optimise your health starting from the mouth by using the most cutting-edge optimisation techniques, combined with high-tech biological dental treatments which tackle chronic health issues at the root cause.

Your health journey starts here:

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Find out what we need from you to start your journey.

Planning your case

We create an individual plan with you to treat your particular case.

Lifestyle & Nutrition

Make the essential adjustments to your lifestyle and diet to support your body.

Bone Healing Protocol

Support your body’s own regeneration with the right micronutrients.

Analysis & Diagnosis

Our techniques and procedures can measure possible deficiencies that remain unnoticed by conventional methods.

Remove the Source

On-site, we complete all treatments necessary to improve your condition within a week.

Healing & Recovery

During and after surgery we will support your body to speed up the recovery process and strengthen your general health.

Want to go on this journey with us?

The leading Center for Biological Dentistry and Health Optimization.

As the first center for Biological Dentistry in Germany, we specialize in ceramic implants, the treatment of cavitations (NICO – osteonecrosis), the removal of amalgam and other metal remediation processes under maximum protection. In addition to high-end dentistry in the field of all-ceramics, functional and aesthetic dentistry, we offer a unique concept for your health and aesthetics.

We care for you

Our trained professionals are the key to your well-being. We know that despite the use of the most advanced technology a dentist’s visit can be a horror for some people. But don’t worry as we have plenty of experience with anxious patients. Patient safety is always of prime importance to us.

Get to know the people that are the heart of DNA Health & Aesthetics.

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