This is our philosophy:

Optimal health starts in your mouth

Medicine defines health as the “absence of disease.” As soon as you feel sick or not healthy, you go to the doctor and get medication for the respective symptom. Responsibility for the body is passed on in the waiting room – “the doctor will help” is the motto.

In conventional dentistry, the focus is on tooth preservation, maintaining chewing function and aesthetics. Medicine has become a “sick care system”, but what we need today are systems that preventively support or even optimize health.

We therefore focus on optimal health for body, mind and soul. Optimal health is a luxury good and, in our view, the best investment in terms of anti-aging and longevity

The mouth is the entrance to your body, the mirror of your health and with a targeted look into the oral cavity we are able to diagnose the condition of the the entire body. Chronic illnesses and a wide variety of symptoms can be identified in this way.

A diseased tooth is a sign that the immune system is not functioning optimally.

Just as a diseased organ will affect the color of your skin or the temperament of your mood so does health of the teeth deteriorates when your mind and body may be ill.

Teeth are exactly like the liver, stomach or intestine as well as organs with their own blood and nerve supply. They are the organs that are anatomically closest to the brain. Various, partly even toxic metals like mercury or amalgam are routinely embedded in this sensitive area under the guise of technical durability – with often serious consequences for the entire body. We explore the use of alternative materials that work with the body and don’t cause harm.

Biological dentistry as we define it is the fusion of high-tech craftsmanship and functional medicine incorporated into health optimisation which is also often referred to biohacking. At the DNA Center for Biological Dentistry, we use the innovations of integrative medicine as well as various therapies from competitive sports that are intended to support your body in its regeneration.

A healthy body is immune to tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis

The basis lies in lifestyle and therefore in nutrition.

Our Food Design Concept was developed to provide the body with the right nutrients. Not only do the teeth become hard as stone, the entire body and all organ functions are optimized.

Through the onboarding process you get sponsored a concept of how to exactly improve you chain of health optimisation. You will essentially get a instruction manual for your lifestyle so that you become the architect for your own health.

For us it is not a question of how we can avoid disease but instead it is a quest to complete the optimisation of your health. You may have been treated by a dentist at some point, may have been exposed to metals, canal treatments or even have your wisdom teeth removed. Considering your dental history, we make a thorough preliminary exam and develop an overall plan. This often includes pre-operative preparation enabling your body to be in its best possible state to receive healing. We will instruct you about what lifestyle and nutritional needs are required toward a successful health renewal. Starting with nutritional changes encouraging you to start to “think in nutrients”.

Think in nutrients!

We remove the disorder from the mouth, teach optimal nutritions, give our patients all the instruction manuals for optimal health and they become disease-free.

What is incredibly important when patients come to us is that they understand that you have to take responsibility for your own health. We simply supply solutions. The bottom line is that you have to accept these solutions, not only in the operating chair but in your lifestyle too.

Once we have restored the health of your mouth we actually never want to see you again as a dental patient.

Instead we would be happy to help you take further steps and really go into detail in optimizing your health. Therefore we provide infusion therapy, intravenous laser treatment and hyperbaic oxygen chamber therapy. All to optimize your overall health beyond simple dentistry.

Adapt your lifestyle!