Ozone Therapy

Ozone - The Miracle Molecule

Why do we use ozone and where is it applied? Ozone stimulates the mitochondria in your cells to use oxygen 10 times more effectively than conventional oxygen. It’s super interesting because ultimately, it’s always about supplying the body with oxygen as efficiently as possible. How effectively you can use oxygen is a direct measure of aging processes and disease.

Ozone is a potent antioxidant and is especially valuable in infection prophylaxis and surgery. Studies have shown that ozone therapy can increase the body’s own antioxidant enzymes, such as glutathione or superoxide dismutase (SOD), by up to 300%!!!

Of course, we use medical ozone, which is produced directly from medical-grade oxygen and is, therefore, free from nitrates, peroxides, sulfur oxides, or other potentially toxic substances from the environment. Room air should never be used to make ozone for medical purposes.

Dental ozone therapy unit OzoneDTA®


Ozone kills bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites, but does not harm the body’s own cells. This makes ozone the perfect biological disinfection tool. We have known this since 1873, long before the discovery of the first antibiotic. We use ozone worldwide for water disinfection, which is now completely normal. However, 150 years ago, it was an absolute revolution in medicine and a huge benefit to public health.

Since the 1930s, ozone has been used in dentistry to treat cavities. Unfortunately, it is not yet widely used in conventional dentistry, but it is an integral part of biological dentistry. At our facility, we produce ozone on-site during surgery directly from medical oxygen and can therefore flood intraoperative extraction sockets, especially after removal of infected root canal-treated teeth and FDOJ/NICO cavities directly with highly concentrated ozone gas at the push of a button.

Nikolas Tesla patented the first ozone generator for medical purposes in 1896.

Healing support

In addition to disinfection, ozone activates the immune system and supports the healing of chronic wounds by releasing local growth factors and cytokines. Ozone is also known to dramatically reduce or even completely eliminate many cases of chronic pain, as it is effective on pain receptors. Therefore, ozone is an essential component of all biological dental treatment concepts and is indispensable in practice.

Please refer to the review study by Stübinger.

PRF Membrane / LSCC

Intelligent Biomaterial

Why do we use PRF membranes in biological dentistry?

Prior to implantation with ceramic implants, an FDOJ operation, or a simple tooth extraction, we create so-called PRF membranes. PRF stands for Platelet-Rich Fibrin, which is a blood concentrate system made from your own blood.

On the day of the operation, we take your blood and centrifuge it to produce both solid and liquid PRF matrices. Instead of using membranes from cattle or pigs, which can be immunologically problematic, we use 100% of your own biology.

The PRF membranes can be described as intelligent biomaterials made from leukocytes, platelets, growth factors, and even a small amount of stem cells. Plus, you’ll get nutrient infusions the day before and immediately before blood withdrawal, to boost your body further and to charge the PRF matrices with additional nutrients. All of these components make PRF membranes a key element in wound healing and regeneration, which shouldn’t be overlooked in any biological surgical concept.

PRF Duo Centrifuge

Manufacture of a PRGF® membrane
(Plattelet Rich in Growth Factors)

When do we use PRF membranes?

We use PRF for immediate implantation with ceramic implants, tooth extractions, bone reconstructions such as external sinus lift, and as an insert in FDOC after it has been cleaned and disinfected. There is no surgical indication where we would forego this wound healing and regeneration component.