Micronutrient Tuning - Bone Healing Protocol

The importance of micronutrients for optimal health

As well as protein, carbs, and fat, getting enough of the right micronutrients is important for optimal health. Unlike 500 years ago, food is now produced in mass quantities, and that goes for both natural and processed food, and the focus is no longer on quality, but on the amount produced. Genetic manipulation and overbreeding are unfortunately the new standard. For example, an apple has lost 80% of its vitamin C content from the year 1985 to 1995. And this study dates from the year 2004:  Der Nährstoffgehalt in Lebensmitteln früher und heute: Was hat sich verändert? (German)

Most people living in the Western world are in an immunological hibernation.

That means that only the basic metabolic functions are working, just enough to keep us alive. This is because many of us are poorly nourished due to our bad eating habits, the poor quality of food that’s low in nutrient and mineral content, and the way our food is prepared is also not ideal. Plus, we don’t get enough natural sunlight in the winter to produce enough vitamin D so our immune system can function properly.

As with any surgical procedure, the body is under enormous stress and requires a long healing process. To ensure that our patients are able to compensate for this stress and optimize the regeneration process, they are instructed to prepare for the procedure with a very specific nutrient protocol.

Anything that could prevent bone regeneration after a tooth extraction or the integration of a dental implant should be avoided. This means that patients should pay attention to their diet and avoid eating lots of sugar, grains, highly refined omega-6 oils, and dairy products, as well as ensuring that they have no vitamin or nutrient deficiencies.

Genetic manipulation and overbreeding are unfortunately the new standard.

Before the operation, the patient’s diet should be as hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory as possible while also being high in nutrients.

In case of a deficiency in nutrients, especially amino acids, vitamin D3, K2, and A, minerals (zinc and magnesium), trace elements, omega-3 fatty acids, and other micronutrients, the body can get overwhelmed. This is because it can’t build new tissue because it simply lacks the necessary nutrients. That’s why we recommend our Bone Healing Protocol to every patient to support their nutritional design with the right micronutrients.