Safe Amalgam Removal

Get rid of the toxic burden on your body

Amalgam fillings have been used in the mouth for many years now, but due to the enormous immunological and toxicological strain they place on our bodies, these metals are no longer needed and no longer have a place in the mouth.

While all metals should be removed as part of a thorough biological dentistry or functional medicine treatment, this procedure should only take place under very carefully protective measures.

Unfortunately, when patients go to have their amalgam fillings removed by non-biological dentists is when most mistakes happen. Many of these traditional dentists are still too careless when dealing with amalgam, aren’t aware of the problems related to it, and may not see the need to take any special protective measures when removing it. As a result, some dentists put not only their patients in danger, but also themselves and their staff. Because large quantities of highly toxic, inorganic mercury vapor are released during the drilling process of removing amalgam fillings, this procedure can only take place under maximum protective conditions.

You can find dentists in the US that are certified SMART by the IAOMT.

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Some of the protective measures we use in our clinic (for all metal removals) include:

  • Rubber dam: This protective rubber cloth is inserted over the teeth and covers right up to the back of the mouth. This protects the mouth from chips and fragments.
  • Cleanup suction tube: This provides extra protection from mercury vapors.
  • Careful drilling: Amalgam must be removed with the dental handpiece (also known as a dental drill) set at a low speed to avoid toxic mercury vapor from escaping. Ideally, the filling should be drilled in such a way that the majority can be taken out in one go, which prevents vapor from being released in the first place.
  • Fresh air supply via a nasal probe.
  • Air purifier: A special air purifier such as the IQAir can remove up to 99 percent of mercury vapor in the air. This is good for both the patient and the doctor.
  • A dentist should always wear an additional FFP3 protective mask, which filters 99 percent of invisible mercury vapor.
  • The insertion of chlorella algae once the amalgam has been removed absorbs any leftover mercury. Other options are possible such as activated charcoal.
  • Infusion with high-dose vitamin C and other micronutrients reduces the immune response.
  • Grounding during surgery (all of our dental chairs are grounded) for free electrons, to reduce inflammation, help relax the immune system, and promote healing.

More on the hidden health hazards in your teeth & what you yan do about it here: Biohacking Your Mouth With Biological Dentistry

With these protective measures, we can precisely remove all metal in just one treatment without damage to the patient, team and practitioner.

“Remove with caution!”