Bright Smiles

Everybody wants gleaming white teeth because they are a very noticeable feature on a person’s face, apart from the eyes. However, only a few people have this naturally. Frequently consuming coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine as well as damage to the teeth can cause discoloration.

However, you do not have to live with this! Bleaching is a gentle method to brighten up your teeth and give you very natural results. We offer you two methods:

  • Home bleaching – with a customized plastic appliance for home use.
  • Power bleaching – in no time at all directly in the practice.

With home bleaching, the treatment is carried out at home. To do so, we customize a plastic appliance for you that you fill with bleach gel and wear for 4-10 nights.

Power bleaching is carried out in the practice. We use a highly concentrated bleaching gel that is activated by UV light and heat. The entire process lasts for 1.5 – 2 hours.

It is very important that the teeth and gingiva are healthy and cleaned. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine the teeth and carry out a professional cleaning before the treatment. Caries and defective fillings must be treated before bleaching.

During bleaching, only the natural tooth substance will become lighter, not dental crowns or tooth-colored fillings. Therefore, there may be differences in color between fillings and teeth after bleaching.