Immediate ceramic implants

The most unlikely approach to implantation

“That will never work, and with ceramic, in the posterior region – that’s impossible!”

Far from it, in 80% of cases, we can perform an immediate implant, including using ceramic.
Yes, you need to know how to do it and have experience, that’s obvious! But the health benefits for the patient are unbeatable. With the right surgical protocol and preparation of patients for the procedure using the Nutritional Design Concept and Bone Healing Protocol, we use this strategy in almost every case.

But why immediate?

In conventional implantology, dead or diseased teeth are usually extracted first, and then the extraction socket is allowed to heal for about three months before starting the implant planning.

From my perspective, this is not optimal. What happens when you simply extract the tooth? The tooth socket collapses, resulting in alveolar atrophy, which means we lose valuable bone and gum tissue. Therefore, bone buildup is often needed for re-implantation.

Immediate implantation means that we attempt to place a ceramic implant directly after tooth extraction. The greatest advantage is that the implant acts as a tent pole, stabilizing the bone and gum tissue – ideal socket preservation from our perspective! No incision, no trauma, no pain, no bone buildup, and ultimately, we’re done with the treatment before the conventional approach even begins with planning.

Immediate implants, are you crazy?

Are you completely insane to implant directly into an infected area?

On the contrary, we remove dead and diseased teeth minimally invasively and disinfect the socket with ozone, which we directly apply to the wound using medical-grade oxygen. We also use neural therapy, prepare our patients for weeks before the appointment, so that their immune system is maximally boosted, and give high-dose vitamin infusions for infection prevention.

We use other high-tech tools for regeneration, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy – we have created an oasis of health optimization to ideally support the body’s regenerative capacity. It’s not about the ceramic implant, but about the optimal health of our patients. When the surgical site is perfectly cleaned, there is nothing better than placing a ceramic implant, as the body is now in a healing mode. This precise surgical and systemic protocol is used in all operations, which has led to virtually no “dry sockets” or other postoperative infections.

All patients stay on-site for at least two days after the operation to heal optimally.

That will never work!