Your Health Optimization Week

Depending on the treatment case, you’ll be with us for several days, during your Health Optimization Week. In preparation for your treatments, you’ll learn about our nutritional design concept, the bone healing protocol, and get access to our online course so that you’re fully prepared immunologically and regeneratively for the treatment week and can heal well.

On-site, we integrate unique regenerative technologies and treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, IV infusions and low-level laser therapy to support your body in its healing process as much as possible. Once here we will take care of the most important thing first:

Remove the source!

In a biological dentistry perspective that means we need to make sure that the following conditions are given:

  • No metals
  • No root canal treated teeth
  • No osteolysis in the jawbone, i.e., cavitations

Typically, the following steps are necessary to get you on the right path to optimal health:

Remove all metal components

For different metals such as mercury, gold, platinum, copper, cobalt, aluminum, iron, and chrome, neurological diseases and cancer effects, as well as effects on the heart are scientifically well documented.

As therapy for the above reasons, it is understandable that all metals should be removed in the course of consistent biological dental medicine in order not to only relieve the immune system but also to reduce micro-currents and interactions with the electromagnetic fields. The first step is to remove all metals and the replace them.

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Safely remove Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings have been used in the mouth for many years now, but due to the enormous immunological and toxicological strain they place on our bodies, these metals are no longer needed and no longer have a place in the mouth.

While all metals should be removed as part of a thorough biological dentistry or functional medicine treatment, this procedure should only take place under very carefully protective measures.

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Use only biocompatible ceramic implants

For over 10 years now, we have exclusively used ceramic implants in our surgeries to gain as much practical experience in this field as quickly as possible. We can now look back on over 5000 ceramic implants that we have operated on.

The beauty of ceramic implants is that they only integrate into a healthy body and bone. It essentially grows completely with the body.

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Immediate implantation in one go

Immediate implantation means that we attempt to place a ceramic implant directly after tooth extraction. The greatest advantage is that the implant acts as a tent pole, stabilizing the bone and gum tissue – ideal socket preservation from our perspective! No incision, no trauma, no pain, no bone buildup, and ultimately, we’re done with the treatment before the conventional approach even begins with planning.

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Treat Chronic Inflammation in the Jawbone

Cavitations, also known as fatty degenerative osteonecrotic jawbone (FDOJ), chronic ischemic jawbone disease (CIBD), or neuralgia inducing cavitational osteonecrosis (NICO) are areas of chronic inflammation in the jawbone. Undetected by conventional x-rays, they’re usually the result of old, poorly healed tooth extraction wounds, dental germs, or foreign bodies.

Cavitations can be removed using a minimally invasive surgical technique. This procedure draws upon the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

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