The term interference field comes from complementary medicine and simply means structural change. This includes scars and breaks, psychological traumas and chronic infections in the oral cavity resulting from root-treated teeth and chronic inflammatory sites in the jaw bone, so called NICOs.

Root-treated teeth are chronic inflammatory sites that can lead to chronic problems both locally but mostly in other places in the body. Weston Price, dentist and researcher, coined the term focal infection 100 years ago. Even then, he established a connection between the dead teeth and the chronic diseases of his patients. He recommended to his patients that they have the suspect teeth removed, which he then implanted under the skin of rabbits. 80 percent of the rabbits developed the same symptoms as the patient, this figure was 100 percent in rabbits with heart conditions. Luckily, there are special surgical techniques and protocols today, in combination with the right diagnosis, nutritional changes and intelligent nutrient therapy, which give the desired results.