Humadent Ozon-Therapie-Gerät

During every surgical procedure, be it a simple tooth extraction, complicated ceramic implants and bone construction or NICO removal, ozone is used in our practice to disinfect the wound area. Ozone has been proven to only kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, but not the body’s own cells. In combination with systemic bone support by the intelligent administration of nutrients (bone healing protocol according to Dr. Nischwitz) and the use of the Choukroun A-PRF™ membrane, there is nothing in the way of reforming bone and in most cases, no antibiotics are required.

Desinfektion mit Ozon


We have an ozone device that uses local oxygen to form ozone and voltage to stimulate bleeding in the tissue, as well as the Humadent device by Humares, which can create medical ozone based on medical oxygen.

Additional information: Ozon-Therapie