Veraviewepocs 3D R100

In our practice, we use 3D X-ray diagnostics (CBCT) before every implantation and interference field restructuring. We use the CBCT unit from the company MORITA. The brand new Veraviewepocs 3D unit sets new standards in X-ray diagnostics with its imaging quality and allows us to examine the smallest details of the jaw bone for foreign bodies or osteolysis and to detect all anatomical structures before inserting any implants and to optimally measure the bone available.

This technology is indispensable, particularly when ceramic implants are inserted immediately (link). In some cases, inflammation and cysts can be detected at the tip of root-treated teeth using conventional panoramic X-rays. But frequently they can only be clearly diagnosed using a 3D X-ray image (CBCT). A CBCT unit should always be available for diagnosing interference fields or for planned implants. Particularly NICOs cannot be easily diagnosed without a CBCT.

In order to precisely determine the height, length and width and to be prepared for the surgery, a CBCT is essential. It significantly reduces the risk of damaging surrounding sensitive anatomical structures such as the main nerve in the lower jaw (N. alveolaris inferioris), and the maxillary sinuses in the upper jaw. As the root-treated teeth, if anatomically possible, are to be replaced by a ceramic implant, a CBCT would be essential here for the reasons stated above.


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